DVDs - Self-healing meditations

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DVD 09 Heal Yourself

with Colors, Sounds, Sacred Geometry and Healing Chants 12 Self-healing meditations without words
Release year: 2017


DVD 08   Harmony

Colors and Sounds for your Wellness Just relax and dive into a magical world of bioharmonic frequencies: natural colors, stones and healing sounds in tune with the Cosmic Octave resonating with your chakras, the energy centers of your subtle body: You will slow down and open up to a new harmony of your body, mind and soul.
Release year: 2014


DVD 06   Your Heart is a Treasure

Meditations with stone mandalas and blossoms for your well - being Just relax and dive into a magical world of natural colours and sounds. The bioharmonic frequences of the slide-shows resonate with your chakras: You will slow down and open to the wonderful energy of your precious heart. You can also harmonize and increase the energy of any room: Let the DVD play when- and wherever you wish even without your presence and with the volume turned off. 
Release year: 2013